HOW TO: Install a fuel filter

For those who've requested a "How-To" on installing a fuel filter, here you go. This one's actually pretty easy. I had mine installed in about ten minutes. That includes the time it took to take pictures and notes. The fuel filter we'll be installing is a Primeline part number 7-02357.

xj650 blog Fuel Filter
You should be able to pick one up at any CARQUEST or NAPA auto parts store (Note: NAPA sells it under the Balkamp# 740-1158). You may even be able to find one in you local hardware store. Look in their small engine department (think: lawnmower). You'll also need a couple of clamps, a pair of cutters, a flat-headed screwdriver (for prying), and a 12mm wrench.

We'll be working on my 1981 Yamaha XJ650 Maxim...

xj650 blog 1981 Yamaha XJ650 Maxim
Here are the steps...

1. Remove the Seat.
2. Loosen and remove the Retaining Bolt at the rear of the Fuel Tank using a 12mm wrench.

xj650 blog loosen fuel tank retaining bolt
3. Turn Fuel Selector Valve to "On".
4. Remove the Fuel and Vacuum Hoses from the Fuel Petcock.

xj650 blog petcock fuel and vacuum lines
5. Remove and set aside the Fuel Tank.
6. Cut the Fuel Hose in an appropriate location for your new Fuel Filter.

xj650 blog cut fuel lines
7. Install the Fuel Filter with two new clamps.
8. Re-install the Fuel Tank but don't install the Retaining Bolt.
9. Lift up on the rear of the Fuel Tank and carefully re-install the Fuel and Vacuum Hoses.

xj650 blog cut fuel filter installed
10. Re-install the Retaining Bolt and Seat.

That's it. You're done!

(Yes, I know... I forgot to get hose clamps. I'll put 'em on later.)

(Written by Don Bangert Author of several How-To's and the blog, The Path Less Traveled.)